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It's Friday, Cheers!

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  • We are finally live!

    After several weeks of changes, careful and sometimes annoying process and a complete shift to our new hosted CMS, is finally live. We took a lot of time to think about what our clients and potential clients would want and need in terms of content and spent quite a bit of time asking them what they needed. The result is what you see here and I would like to thank all of the people (especially my wife) that were patient enough for the wait!   Read More...

  • Technology will eventually pull you in!

    Technology will eventually pull you in! Our mission is fairly simple in it's plan, but not as simple in it's execution. We are more than capable of designing and building solid websites for those that understand a website's purpose (more on that in a later post).   Read More...

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Where's your website?

I've been watching the web real estate potential of our growing business here in Henry County and I'm left with a question...what is it exactly that keeps growing small businesses from having a great website? We have some great companies and organizations as clients, but there are some great businesses out there that have little to no website presence. Why is that?

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