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  • Developer at Snap Creative

    The PositionYou like problem solving. You understand how to get things on the front end to work with things on the backend. You have a computer and a camera attached (wait what ?   Read More...

  • Where's your website?

    I've been watching the web real estate potential of our growing business here in Henry County and I'm left with a question  Read More...

  • Your content shouldn't suck

    We have a variety of clients that range from sole proprietors to organizations with 2-3 levels of management.  As we guide them through our process, we have noticed simlar trends when it comes to understanding content and context (how content is presented to your users).  I could rant for hours on how content should be presented on a website, but this video explains it in a much shorter way.   Read More...

  • Process...shaken and stirred

    What if we're wrong? Our process has been revamped in a method that took nearly 14 months to process...process that! Look, I'm someone who strives for the "new", always changing and evolving almost to my own detriment.   Read More...

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We are finally live!

After several weeks of changes, careful and sometimes annoying process and a complete shift to our new hosted CMS, is finally live. We took a lot of time to think about what our clients and potential clients would want and need in terms of content and spent quite a bit of time asking them what they needed. The result is what you see here and I would like to thank all of the people (especially my wife) that were patient enough for the wait!

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