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  • Developer at Snap Creative

    The PositionYou like problem solving. You understand how to get things on the front end to work with things on the backend. You have a computer and a camera attached (wait what ?   Read More...

  • Where's your website?

    I've been watching the web real estate potential of our growing business here in Henry County and I'm left with a question  Read More...

  • Your content shouldn't suck

    We have a variety of clients that range from sole proprietors to organizations with 2-3 levels of management.  As we guide them through our process, we have noticed simlar trends when it comes to understanding content and context (how content is presented to your users).  I could rant for hours on how content should be presented on a website, but this video explains it in a much shorter way.   Read More...

  • Process...shaken and stirred

    What if we're wrong? Our process has been revamped in a method that took nearly 14 months to process...process that! Look, I'm someone who strives for the "new", always changing and evolving almost to my own detriment.   Read More...

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Technology will eventually pull you in!

Technology will eventually pull you in!

Our mission is fairly simple in it's plan, but not as simple in it's execution. We are more than capable of designing and building solid websites for those that understand a website's purpose (more on that in a later post). However, working in a small community has it's challenges.

  • Lack of understanding
  • Unwillingness to evolve
  • "Technophobia"
  • Burned by another "web design" company

The list can get much deeper, but the point is we are trying to change that. Take the time to learn more about the technology available before you condemn it. There are a lot of great resources available to help you along the way. A great start...our wonderful Public Library. They have a wealth of information and team of staff members dedicated to get you the help you need.

We are here to help too! We work with our community to do everything we can to help give understanding to technology and encourage everyone to embrace it. We give the little push needed to help bring our community to a world of technology that's going to pull us in regardless of whether we want to go or not. That's one of our goals and we love the challenge!

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